Harper Street Creative

Tell Your Story The Way You Want it Told

Harper Street Creative is a full service creative agency in St. Louis, MO. We specialize in documentary films, television and corporate video production and social media optimization and design. 

Every business these days needs a beautifully designed website and we believe that can happen without breaking the bank. We started out primarily as a production company, but after we built the site for our own brand, we started building sites for our friends and other businesses that liked our work and now this is a huge part of our agency, Not only do we create customizable websites, but we also streamline your online presence with social media optimization so people can find your business which leads to an excellent return on investment (ROI).

What we do:

Website Design

Logo and Graphic Design

Digital Strategy



Content Management (CMS)

Product Photography

Packaging Photography


Clients include:


McMahon for Change for University City

Dave Simon's Music Enterprise

Dave Simon's Kidzrock

Dave Simon's Jr. Rockerz

Videocakes Productions

Keri Simon Therapy

Slow Motion STL

"I'm the Guy"

The Nutritional Wellness Center of NY/NJ

Phases of the Moon Music and Arts Festival

Great Rivers Greenway


Examples Our Work: