Harper Street Creative

Tell Your Story The Way You Want it Told

Harper Street Creative is a full service creative agency in St. Louis, MO. We specialize in documentary films, television and corporate video production and social media optimization and design. 

Harper Street Creative is a St. Louis based agency that provides you with engaging visual content that tells your story in your own way.  Our work includes feature films, corporate videos, nonprofit fundraising and marketing films, small business web videos and long form documentaries. 

We believe that "the story"  is the neck that holds the head up, and engaging, insightful, languid narrative storytelling is what sets us apart. It's our job to dig deep- to get to the core of who you are and be the best instruments for storytelling  we can be.

Our work has been seen on cable, network tv, in movie theaters and film festivals and on the web. 

We are a group of creatives who like to think outside the box. We pay attention to detail and not only can develop a strong campaign from pre production through post, but we can help you spread the word with an extensive social media campaign to go along with it. The possibilities of what we can accomplish together are endless. 

We specialize our productions for non profits and small to medium sized businesses because we believe that you should get the same production values as the big boys, no matter how big or small your company or organization is.

Check us out and let us know what you think. We can't wait to hear from you. 

Our Services:


We work with you to craft the perfect video or film that represents your product or service. We take care of everything, from pre production budgeting and development to post production editing. Your product will be ready for distribution and customer engagement in no time.


We will turn what we have done for you into a sophisticated social media and advertising campaign, utilizing the latest in SEO practices. Some production companies just end with the product - for us, we like to take what we have done all the way. We will generate thousands of views for your project and will target your local environment so your potential customers are directly engaged and you see an awesome return on investment. 

Photography and Graphic Design:

We do everything from product and packaging photos to live event photography. We also do photo retouching and graphic design, so if you need a logo, branding or marketing materials, we can help!


Some Productions/Clients Include:

Dave Simon's Music Enterprise


GH Mumm

Great Rivers Greenway


Dave Simon's Rock School


Camp Sabra

Camp Manitowa

Urban Harvest STL

Boys Town

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Alcoholics Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

US Treasury Deptartment